White wines

Green Veltelini

The smell of this dry wine is fresh, sometimes it recalls black pepper and mint. It bears nice and rich acids. Harmonic, sometimes a bit hard quality wine, perfect for fish meals.

Production site: Sopron, Virágvölgy (Flower-valley)


The Fényes Cellar’s Tramini-plantation is the only one on the Fertő shore. The colour of the ripen grape is reddish and the colour of the wine can be golden yellow even when it’s young. The smell is intense rose and grape smell. The acids are soft, we offer this dry wine to sweets or dishes prepared with fruits.

Production site: Sopron, Fertőpart (Fertő shore)

Sauvignon Blanc

Full bodied though not a complex wine. Its intense smell recalls the gooseberry and the freshly cut grass. It is characterised by definite acids.

Production site: Fertőpart (Fertő shore)

Red wines

Zweigelt Rosé

Has a very intense smell, light colour. It’s produced by white-grape technology. Nice bouqet, low alcohol-content, refreshing, in sommer, to drink it in the shadow it’s excellent.

Production site: Sopron, Hamler dűlő (Hamler Hillside)


Special, original wine of Sopron. The colour of the wine, even when mellow, is closer to the purple lilac than to the colours of warmer red wines. Full bodied, harsh wine, acids are hard. The wine contains nice tannins and bear a bit acidic aroma.

Production site: Sopron, Dudlesz dűlő (Dudlesz Hillside)

Cabernet Sauvignon

It’s the king of the blue grapes as well as the red wines. In its smell the cherry, the cedar tree, in its aroma the blackcurrant, the blackberry and the eucalyptus can be recognised. It is an extraordinary complex wine. Rich in tannin, therefore the wine is dark and thick. The alcohol content is high (mustn’t be under 12 % V/V). Special barrique wines are made from Cabernet grape. Rich in tannins, high quality. In 2001. and 2002. International Challenge du Vin Wine Competition, Bourdeaux, silver / bronze medal.

Production site: Sopron, Langschiling dűlő (Langschiling Hillside)