The Fényes Family’s Cellar waits the guests on the shore of Lake Fertő, between Fertőrákos and Balf, in romantic sorroundings with self-produced and bottled, noble wines. On the Hungarian part of the lake our is the only restplace for cyclists with open wine cellar, where besides wine, refreshments, soft drinks, coffee, sandwich, ice cream are also available.

You can taste the wines of the cellar with wine-snacks in the tasting-room (for 50 persons) above the cellar or on the terrace, while you are enjoying the wonderful landscape to the lake Fertő.

There is the possibility to organize professional presetnations about wine-growing, pleasant family- and company-programs and several other glad, interesting programs.

Our plans

The main marketing- and development-trend is the wine-tourism, that means wine tasting, wine-sale and sale of bottled wines too. Our cellar is special in the regard that – opposite of the typical here – the processing and also catering are on the wineyards. We would like to push this advantage and organize touristical, and trade-programs based on this.

Our annual harvest is usually about 800 hl, but our current processing and store-capacity is just 400 hl. By means of the competition we would like to stop this gap. According to our plans this can be realized in the year of 2007.

Later we would like to develop our cellar to a representative-winery. There is in our plans the organization of professional-trade presentations, this way we would like to present the new methods of production and marketing methods to the wine growers. We would like to popularize the so called integrated environmental wine-growing technology, which we use for 3 years already. The pest control works by the forecast-system of plant-disease. Institution of this system is connected with the family Fényes.

Our family holds the Fény-Szoft Ltd. with the main business adult-education. Pushing this adventage, cooperating with the secondary school in Kőszeg and Balatonfüred we organized a wine-grower education, which we would like to repeat in the future. Our purpose is to contribute to the boom of the Sopron Wine District and see more and more young qualified wine-grower and their family-wineries.

Realization of the above written are possible only if there is order, cleanliness around the cellar and our professional calling show professionally cultivated wineyards and a clean cellar.