For friends of wine – Program-organization

Family Fényes’s open cellar is located on the shore of the Lake Fertő, between Fertőrákos and Balf. It is the only cellar which waits the winefriends and people who wish for freshen up in the heart of the wineyards. Our self-prepared wines can be tasted at wine-tastings or winetours. Our tasting-room for 50 persons can be heated, so we make fine warm also in the winter-months, our guests are welcome in the whole year.

Our wine-tasting is a one hour long, glad program, without boring, proser official terms and datas. Of course we try to answer the special, professional questions too. Between 2 kinds of wines we serve some scones, apple, nuts etc. as neutlarizer. Our guests get to know the wine growing area, how to drink the wine while tasting 6 kinds of our wines (Soproni Green Veltelini, Soproni Sauvignon Blanc, Soproni Tramini, Soproni Zweigelt Rosé, Soproni Kékfrankos, Soproni Cabernet Sauvignon). Upon request we present the wine tasting in English, German or Hungarian, and more kinds of wine are also available. We offer the program individual guests and groups also, as an own program or with meal.

Wine tasting in the cellar, from the barrel

Prices on request!


mobil: +36 20 315 6079

Wine tasting with cheese
Wine tasting with scone
Wine tasting with lardy bread
Wine tasting with talker’s-plate (nuts, apple, cheese)
Wine tasting with cold plate
Wine tasting with “rich-plate”

Other facilities (some of them):

  • Visiting the winecellar
  • Vintage
  • Cooking in kettle on the terrace
  • Live music
  • “Wine-recognising championship”
  • Winetours (by bicycle, water or foot)
  • Events for families and companies
  • Professional presentations about wine-growing
  • Wine-general appoint
  • Resuscitation of folk-traditions
  • And all what wine is…

For hikers and bikers – “Refreshing station”

Our open cellar is the only place to refreshing and relax for bikers at the Hungarian part of the Fertő-shore. While selling own wine, soft drinks, coffee, sandwich, ice cream are also available. Noble wines, unforgettable landscape, familiar atmosphere, bicycle-stand, pump, maps, information broshures, toilet are waiting for the tourists wish for refreshment.

For companies and fellowships

A wine tasting is an excellent opportunity for relax or team-building. If the weather allows, while drinking wine there is the facility for baking bacon, cooking in kettle, taking a trip or a bicycle tour.
To increase the cheer we call a music-player or electric music is also available.
By a “wine-recognition championship” or a “wine-general appoint” all the guests have the possibility to try their talent.
To kill the hunger we serve cold plates, sandwiches, bread greased with lard, wine-snacks. A bottle of excellent wine is always an elegant gift for collegues or friends.

Selling own wines

In our cellar and wine-shop in Sopron our wines are available at a discount price.


We take wine-tastings also into your house: upon request we present our wines in hotels, restaurants, on conferences or at other organizations.

Other services

  • Program-organization
  • Information
  • Buffet
  • Child-animation
  • Parking lot for cars and busses
  • Bicycle-keeper
  • Toilet
  • Services for animals