Active and trade programs

Winetour a la natur

Winetour with bicycle (incl. renting and entrance fees), Pan-Europian Picnic Memorial Place, Rust, Stone quarry in Fertőrákos, teaching-path, 2 cellars, cold plate.

Active relaxation, sacrificing on the altar of cycling, culture and drinking wine. The team get the bicycles in Sopron. Our way runs next to the Lakemill, along the Szárhalmi forest, to Sopronpuszta. Here we visit the Pan-Europian Picnic Memorial Place and remember the border breakthrough in 1989.

We also break the border through and bike to Rust, the picturesque small town. In the cover of the courtyard arcades we taste some of the rightly famous wines of Rust.

Freshen and cheered up start we back to Fertőrákos, where we discover the Roman stone quarry. On the study path called “Kövi Benge”, we have the possibility to get to know the geologic, zoologic and botanic worthes of the stone quarry. From the look-out place we can proudly look down the beautiful land that we’ve just gained.

Our last destination is the Fényes Cellar, where we get the deepest knowledge about the wines of the cellary. We taste the wines during dining from the delicate cold plates. We collect the rest of our energy, say goodbye and take home the tired bicycles.

Maradék erőnket összegyűjtve érzékeny búcsút veszünk és hazakísérjük a fáradt kerékpárokat.

Length of time: about 6-7 hours

Number of participants: min. 15 persons

Upon request the tour would be organized also with bus.

Wine tour by canoe

Canoe-tour with guide, wine tasting with 6 kinds of wine and cold plate, visiting the cellar.

Meet at the Fényes Cellar, from there we go to the Csárdai Canal of the Lake Fertő. Here we take in the canoes and take a 3 km long tour. While rowing we get to know the labyrinth and mystic wildlife of the canals and reeds. Pleasant tired and hungry we arrive to the cellar where we are welcome with rich cold plates and wine tasting.

Length of time:    about 5 hours

Number of participants: min. 10 persons

Trade program

For the wine-growers of present and future

We welcome our guests by our cellar with a glass of encouraging palinka, strictly to enlarge the capacity of our brain.

We capture the cellary from outside inwards. We have a look at the grape-type presentation, the graft-plantation and -school, the system of plant-illness prediction, the integrated environment-protectional technology. In the cellar we can see the stainless steel equipment and barrique-barrels together, the working of the HACCP-system. Then we taste the content of the barrels while talking and dining.

Length of time: about 3 hours

Number of participants: min.10 persons