Programs of the Fényes Cellar

Wine-tasting of our cellar

Our wine tasting is a one hour long, glad program. Our guests get to know the wine growing area, how to drink wine, while tasting 6 kinds of our wines. Between 2 kinds of wines we serve wine-snacks as neutlarizer. We offer the program individual guests and groups also.

Wine tasting in the cellar, from the barrel

Wine tasting with cheese
Wine tasting with scone
Wine tasting with lardy bread
Wine tasting with talker’s-plate
Wine tasting with talker’s-plate
Wine tasting with “rich-plate”

Praise of Dionysos

Wine tasting in more parts

Wine tasting of 6 kinds of wine, with cold plate, “wine-recognising championship”, wine-general appointment, slipping by sampling-tube and any other hard practises.

We offer this adventure-(wine)trip for our desperate and daring guests. You get to know 6 kinds of our wines and try yourself at wine recognising, wine-filling into bottle, slipping and so on. After dining and drinking wine, following a really hard drill we appoint our wine-general.

Length of time: about 3-4 hours

Number of participants: min. 10 persons

In the shadow of Silenus

Wine tour with shipping, trip, wine-tasting, cold plate

The tour starts from the Fényes Cellar. For the sake of getting the necessary bounce and saving our health we drink a glass of healing-wine. Harnessed this way we take to the road to Fertőrákos. Our destination is the port, here we get on the Ship Burgenland. On the board we will be fascinated by noble wine and unforgettable landscape. After landing we discover the mystic corners of the stone quarry, visit the Crystal-Museum, the watermill and the protected barns.
Paying hompage to our passion for wine, to Dionysos and Silenus, finally we return to the Fényes Cellar, sit down to table and taste the wines of the cellary while eating generous cold plate.

Length of time: about 6 hours

Rent a bus is available

Additional programs in Fertőrákos:

horse carriage trip, trip with electric small-train


Vintage-program with welcome drink, wine and scones in the wineyards, pressing, unlimited grape- and must-consumption, visiting the cellar, wine tasting, cold plate.

At the Fényes Cellar we get the appetite for working by a glass of palinka. This way strenghtened we assault the wineyards. There get the necessary tools (knife, bascet, wine, scone) and harvest according to our lights as long as we like and bear. We press the gathered grapes at the cellar, taste the must of it. As a premium for our work we taste the product of previous vintages with a cold plate.

Length of time: about 4-5 hours (depending on love of work)

Number of participants: min. 15 persons

Other facilities:

Live music

Contests (for example: wine-recognising)

Roasting bacon, kettle-party